The National Youth Council and BikasUdhyami Organize Workshop on‘Youth Statistics for Development’

June 6, 2017, Kathmandu-Nepal Government’s The National Youth Council and BikasUdhyami today jointly organized a workshop on ‘Youth Statistics for Development’ at the World Trade Center, Kathmandu. The workshop focused on the concept of Youth Census in Nepal and other aspects of the effective management of youth statistics.

Participants included Government officers from the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers; the Central Bureau of Statistics; the University Grants Commission; the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training;various ministries including the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Agricultural Development, Ministry of Labour and Employment, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction; District Youth Committees as well as several development organizations working on youth.

The program was attended by Chief Guest, Mr. Mahesh Prasad Dahal, Secretary to Ministry of Youth and Sports,whereas Mr. MadhavDhungel, President and Mr. Mukti Singh Thakuri, Secretary General of the National Youth Council gave their opening and closing remarks respectively. The speakers emphasized the importance of effectivemanagement of data related to youthin Nepal for their empowerment and in support of the National Youth Vision 2025.

As part of the program, BikasUdhyami’sCEO, Mr. SantoshGartaula, and Mr. MaheshworGiri, Program Coordinator for the Nepal in Data Initiative of BikasUdhyami, gave a presentation on the collection and managementof youth related data and statistics published by different government agencies and how youth data can be analyzed to support youth related policy making and implementation. At the end of each session, participants provided feedback and suggestions for the effective management of youth related data in Nepal.


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